Holistic Dental Care

  • Introduction
  • Amalgam replacement
  • Biocompatible Restoration


Nowadays, the holistic dental treatment is becoming more popular to enhance our well beings.

Basic principles for holistic treatment are:

– Eliminate toxic substance
– Balance Acid and base in our body
– Remove causes of infection or infected areas

In dental treatment, holistic treatment concept can be considered as:

1) Metal filling or Amalgam replacement
This treatment is to replace the metal filling by biocompatible restorations.

2) Base metal in crown and bridge work replacement

3) Gum treatment and prevention of gum disease

4) Dental malocclusion or abnormal bite treatment consideration

A proper bite or occlusion will enhance physical balance.

5) Proper dietary counseling or nutrition advice to prevent the degenerative dental disease and certain systemic diseases.

Amalgam replacement

There are 3 possible kinds of restoration to replace the amalgam filling:

1. Composite filling : for small to moderate size cavity
Dental composite resin is made from BIS –GMA and Filler (Quartz, Glass, Sillica )

2. Porcelain or ceramic inlay : for moderate size cavity
Lithium Disilligate glass ceramic

3. Crown : for large size or complex cavity
        3.1 Porcelain fuse to precious alloy crown
        3.2 All ceramic crown. (Zirconia crown)

Amalgam removal protocol

  • Rubber dam application
  • High power suction use
  • Amalgam splitting technique to reduce excess amalgam
  • Oxygen use per patient request

Biocompatible Restoration

A base metal can be used as a component for Post and core, crown and bridge.

The base metal alloy often contains large percentages of nickel, cobalt, chromium or beryllium.

Studies report that about 10% of the female population and 5% of males have an allergic response to nickel, chrome and/or beryllium. These metals are often found in the composition of nonprecious (base) alloys. Besides, this type of alloy provide larger marginal gap than other type of alloy.

Nowadays, we ‘d rather use Fiber post instead of metal post and core and either precious alloy crown or

All ceramic crowns instead of base metal crown.

There is also Thermoplastic material for removable partial denture instead of vitalium metal framework partial denture.