Dental Extreme Makeover

  • Introduction
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Esthetic crowns
  • Removable Veneer


Dental Extreme Makeover (Cosmetic Treatment)

There are many ways to improve dental cosmetics. The best way is to consult with cosmetic dentists in person in order to get a proper evaluation on both dental and non dental factors.

Dental factors include:

  • Teeth color
  • Teeth alignment
  • Bite
  • Number of posterior teeth

Non-dental factors include:

  • Expectation
  • Habit and life style
  • Timeframe for treatment
  • Budget

Patients can get an initial evaluation through online consultation by sending photos and if possible, your x-ray to us via email.  We are best dental clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

Teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a common treatment for patients to improve their smiles. This treatment is not suitable in some cases:


  • Brighter and whiter teeth
  • Convenient and safe


  • White color may not last permanently
  • Death tooth or root canal tooth
  • Sever caries or deep and large cavity tooth
  • Can not be done in gum inflammation areas
  • Can not whiten crown, bridge, veneer and filling areas


1) In office tooth whitening
2) Home bleaching
3) Internal bleaching


1) Chaiside system : Zoom whitening
2) Home bleaching technique : Opalescence system


A veneer is a thin layer material placed on a tooth either to improve aesthetics of a tooth or to protect damage to a tooth’s surface.

Type of Veneer



        Composite veneers offer many of the same rejuvenation benefits as porcelain veneers, including the concealment of cracks, chips, gaps, and discoloration. These lower-cost veneers can allow you to achieve a beautiful smile that also fits comfortably within your budget; however, composite veneers may not last quite as long as traditional porcelain veneers due to the differences between the two materials. In most cases, composite veneers require either minimal tooth preparation or no tooth preparation at all, preserving your natural tooth structure while also delivering natural-looking results.


        Porcelain veneers are composed of a durable, high-quality ceramic material that can be matched to the shade of your surrounding teeth for a natural look. This common cosmetic dentistry procedure uses veneers that can be individually customized for your teeth, achieving the best possible fit as well as a beautiful appearance. The hand-layered porcelain has a dynamic quality that catches light just like the enamel of a natural tooth. Porcelain veneers are often considered a minimal-prep procedure, preserving the majority of your existing tooth structure while achieving long-lasting smile rejuvenation.


1) Direct Method

A Composite Material is mostly placed on the tooth surface directly.


  • Treatment can be done in single visit
  • Less expensive than indirect method


  • Quite difficult to increase tooth length
  • Surface texture is less beautiful than indirect method
  • Less strength in wide gap closure case
  • Difficult to achieve perfect gum margin

2) Indirect Method

A Dental Porcelain will be sent to a laboratory to fabricate porcelain piece before returning to put into patients’ teeth.


  • Stronger than composite materials
  • Better surface texture
  • Color longer lasting than composite materials
  • Able to increase tooth length


  • Treatment requires at least 2 visits
  • Not recommended in Bruxism case

Treatment duration:

3-7days for 6-8 veneer in one arch


1) IPS Empress esthetic
2) Empress emax
3) Lumineer

Esthetic crowns

Apart from function, Aesthetic becomes more and more of our concerns nowadays. A nice looking smile will enhance a good personality and self confidence.

If you are smiling with the old crown that shows a dark margin along the gum line or a poor unmatching color, you may consider all ceramic crown as a choice of treatment.

The cosmetic specialist will provide comprehensive examination to incorporate patient ‘s expectation and recommends the most suitable plan to each patient.


  • Supreme esthetic result
  • More natural look


  • Less strength than conventional porcelain fused to metal crown
  • Longer laboratory processing time

Treatment duration: 3-7 days


Removable Veneer

Removable veneer is a removable appliance that is made from plastic resin medical grade
This is another way to get nicer and natural smile without any teeth grinding. It can be done in a short period which can be an alternative treatment for bridal couple or people who is attending any special events.
It is possible to eat and drink with removable veneer. We can apply as long term provisional prior to any final restoration such as crown, bridge or crown on implant.

  • Tooth spacing cover
  • Crooked teeth cover
  • Tooth color improvement
  • Tooth shape improvement
  • No teeth preparation required
  • Less expensive than veneer

  • Risk of caries and gum disease without proper care
  • It can be broken with hard food chewing